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Low-Profile PCI Interface PCMCIA & CardBus PC Card Reader (1 Slot)
Standard and Low-Profile (Slimline / Small Form Factor) Desktop Computers


The above pictures show Amtron PCD-TP-110CS with different face plate colors (Beige or Black) and different metal bracket* lengths (full-height or 2/3-height).  Two flat cables, included in the package, are not shown in the pictures. [* metal bracket is the slim metal plate attached to the blue-color circuit card]

  • Both full-height and 2/3-height metal brackets are supplied in the Amtron PCD-TP-110CS package**. [** Please note that only Amtron PCD-TP-110CS package provides both long and short brackets. Other brands and the refurbished PCD-TP-110CS sold on grey market do not have the shorter bracket designed for the low-profile computers.]

  • The full-height metal bracket is secured to the blue-color low-profile PCI interface card with 2 screws. Customers can install Amtron PCD-TP-110CS in desktop computer of any form factor such as standard, mini-tower, low-profile, slimline, etc by interchanging the metal brackets.

  1. full-height (4.75" / 121 mm) metal bracket for Standard desktop computer.

  2. 2/3-height (3.15" / 80 mm) metal bracket for Low Profile (Slim-line / small form factor) desktop computer.

  • Amtron PCD-TP-110CS uses the highly compatible Texas Instruments PCI1510 PCMCIA CardBus controller which performs better than the cheaper Ricoh and ENE PCMCIA CardBus controllers.

  • Amtron PCD-TP-110CS uses Microsoft built-in driver for the Texas Instruments PCI1510 PCMCIA CardBus controller, so Windows XP, Vista, and 7 can detect and install this card reader-writer automatically.

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