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Industrial Memory
 ATA Flash PC Card
 Linear Flash PC Card
 CompactFlash (CF) Card
 CFast Card
 SD / SDHC Card
 microSD Card
 2.5" SATA SSD
 1.8" SATA SSD
 2.5" PATA SSD
 Micro SATA Disk Module
 USB Flash Disk
PCMCIA Products
 PCMCIA Card Reader / Adapter
 P2 Card Reader / Adapter
 DEXIS Card Reader / Adapter
 Memory Card Adapter
 ATA Flash PC Card
 Linear Flash PC Card
ExpressCard Products
 ExpressCard Reader / Adapter
 Card Slot Adapter / Converter
 Memory Card Adapter
CompactFlash Products
 CompactFlash (CF) Card
 CF Card Reader
 Memory Card Adapter


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Card Reader-Writer Memory Product Memory Card Adapter

Amtron Technology is a specialized supplier of industrial & military grade flash memory and embedded data storage products. We also supply card readers and memory card adapters.

Our mission is to provide users with low cost, most reliable, highest performance products.

PCMCIA (PC Card), Compact Flash, SmartMedia, Microdrive, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Secure Digital, MultiMediaCards, etc.

PCMCIA (PC Card) Adapter    -    CompactFlash (CF) Adapter   -   ExpressCard Adapter


ATA Flash PC Card Linear Flash PC Card SRAM PC Card USB Flash Disk
Compact Flash Card CFast Card SD / SDHC Card microSD Card
1.8" SATA SSD 2.5" SATA SSD 2.5" PATA SSD Micro SATA Disk Module
PCMCIA Card Reader PCMCIA Card Adapter ExpressCard Reader ExpressCard Adapter

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